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Board rules

Always be friendly and respectful of other users.
The following rules must be observed.


It words are forbids that vulgar, obscene, racist, inciting, defaming, derogatory, abusive, or otherwise stated.

Create Thread/Posting

In a thread creation or thread response, the following are prohibited:

- Search sponsor
- Advertising of any kind (privat/commercial)
- Content and/or link to pornographic content
- illegal Websites (Warez etc.)
- Spam and Flame of any kind
- Publishing confidential content (Support-/Protest ticket)
- Ask to ASGL Admins
- Match-/Opponent search
- Clashes between player and opponent
- political and religious discussions
- double contribution

If disregarded, this can be punished with penalty points up to a ban.


Before you create a thread, we ask you to first use the search function with your main term.
Especially with outstanding questions can already be in a similar thread the answer.

Data notes

The exchange of illegal content (warez, cracks, etc.) is strictly prohibited!