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Terms and Conditions
the Allstars Gaming League, Alte Böhmerstraße 27, 99227 Ludwigsthal, Germany
USt.-Ident.Nr: DE319592009
CEO: Stephan Gabler
(later "ASGL" called)

Contact: info[at]asgl.eu

Stand 15.10.2018

Important Notice of Terms:

The terms and conditions contained (Terms and Conditions) contain important information for the user's consent to the collection, processing and use of business-related data (Privacy Policy).


All free and paid services, offers, content and products (valid in common: power) are provided on the basis of these Terms and Conditions by the ASGL. Additions or modifications to the product-specific terms and conditions and service descriptions are extended in some cases by the ASGL. Insofar as the above points found no differences, the following rules shall apply:

These rules govern the use of the services offered by ASGL. These provisions are set sale, and exchange of goods and services on the website by the ASGL binding based ADV.

The use of some services (eg: Gather, forums, chat, Verify, Premium) implies registration (username, password). Registrations may be rejected without reasons determined by the ASGL. A contract with the ASGL will only be formed when the ASGL the users authorize the participation in the respective subject to registration service. This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period and may be terminated by the user at any time without notice, if this is defined in the explicit conditions of use of a service otherwise. Use behalf or for third parties and multiple registration of individuals is expressly prohibited.

The use of registration based services occurs only when the user is over 18 years old, or that consent of the legal representative.

Different terms by the user do not apply.

Services and contents of the ASGL (the "Services")

The ASGL is an online platform for electronic sports (e-sports) and makes it available to the user. In addition, information, news about sundries topics can be accessed by the user.

The user can after registering actively in discussion forums, comment and participate blogs that are provided by the ASGL.

The ASGL offers a collection of links to third-party companies sales platforms on the Internet. If the services claimed, the conditions of their respective companies apply. Dia ASGL acts only as an agent of the contact to a storefront of a third company, without acting himself as a seller.

In addition, (cups or other events) organized by the ASGL events in which the user can participate. The Gewinnausspielung are without engagement. Employees of ASGL and their dependents are excluded from participation. A cash payment in cash prizes will not occur. It is pointed out that the use of ASGL services or services of the partners in no way affects the chances of winning.

In addition, from the ASGL an e-mail system is offered. (More precisely defined in point: Specific Terms of Use for ASGL e-mail system)

Desweitern an online payment system is provided. (More precisely defined in point: Special terms and conditions for online payment system)

User Responsibilities

The User agrees to a legitimate use of all services provided by the ASGL available.

The user agrees to pay the agreed price. If the user is in default of the payment of the fee, the ASGL reserves the right to suspend the user of this service. The lifting of the ban is timely after receipt of the amount to be paid. The lock does not release the user from his obligation to pay.

The user agrees that the statements made in connection with the registration of him (In particular address and date of birth) are true and complete. Claims for damages for breach of this provision may be initiated by the ASGL. The user has the opportunity to refute less than the harm alleged. Changes in the required data of the users of ASGL will be notified immediately. The user does not comply with this obligation, he shall bear all resulting yield for him or ASGL and its partners disadvantages. This is particularly true in the context of direct debits (Debit, PayPal) information to be disclosed.

The user agrees to safely store their user name and user password and above accessed by third parties (phishing, keyloggers) to protect. When corruption of the user account, the user accepts all responsibility.

The user insured under use (esp. Discussion forums, blogs, comments, etc.) to spread any illegal content and not to infringe other third party rights (including intellectual property rights, competition law and the general right). In particular, the spread of youth endangering, prohibits child pornography, extremist and racist content. The ASGL reserves the right to remove any content without warning.

Obtain the ASGL of tort user's knowledge or ASGL is set by an alleged unlawful act by third persons, the ASGL will pass under the statutory provisions, the personal data to law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Should there first a review of the legality of the transmission or the offending action by the ASGL be required under legislation that ASGL will agree to this request.

The user transmits any exploitation rights to all its contents Transferred to the ASGL and thus ensures the ASGL to to own the exclusive copyright to it. From all claims brought against the ASGL due to a related infringement of the user, the user sets the ASGL on first demand.

The ASGL reserves the right to exclude users from ASGL services if they violate these Terms of Use. Deletions of infringements are made without giving a reason.

The user sets the ASGL from all claims brought against the ASGL due to an act of the user or third parties attributable to him.

Specific terms and conditions for the ASGL email system

The ASGL shall not be liable for any damage by sending e-mail via the e-mail service of ASGL. In particular, the ASGL is not a for any damages incurred in emails or attachments from viruses, Trojans and phishing. For illegal contents, which are spread over the ASGL emails or ASGL-mail server that ASGL No liability is accepted the part.

The ASGL undertakes to preserve the statutory secrecy and protected. The ASGL grants the right to attach a to any e-mail advertising message of a partner.

Premium Membership

The user purchases a premium membership fee. The purpose of the ASGL under the Premium Membership consideration payable and other services related to the reasons for the Premium Membership mutual rights and obligations arising from the following conditions. In particular, the premium user receives additional functions.

The contained on the website "offer" to order a premium membership is a non-binding invitation to the premium user to conclude such an agreement.

By submitting the completed order as part of the ASGL the Premium User makes a binding offer to conclude a premium membership.

The cost of a premium membership depends on the duration of the contract, which is chosen by the premium user during the ordering process. The costs will be displayed to the Premium User before ordering.

Payment due on the premium user choice by direct debit, PayPal or other payment methods offered.

As far as selected by the Premium User of Payment its contractual obligations on the part of ASGL is not feasible, especially as a deduction from the premium user account lack of funds or provision of wrong information is not possible, the Premium User of ASGL or has charged with handling of its contracting to replace the resulting additional costs.

The premium membership will automatically expire at the end of this period.

The ASGL admits no right of withdrawal for premium membership.

Verify membership

The user purchases a Verify membership fee. The purpose of the services to be provided under the ASGL Verify membership contribution and other on the grounds of membership Verify affiliated mutual rights and obligations arising from the following conditions. Specifically, the user receives additional functions.

The contained on the website "offer" to designate the Verify membership, is a non-binding prompting the user to enter into any such agreement.

By submitting the completed order as part of the ASGL the user makes a binding offer to conclude a Verify membership.

The cost of a membership Verify depend on the duration of the contract, which is chosen by the premium user during the ordering process. The costs will be displayed to the user before ordering.

Payment is made at the option of the user by bank transfer, PayPal or other payment methods offered.

As far as the user selected payment its contractual obligations on the part of ASGL is not feasible, especially as a deduction from the user's account due to lack of funds or provision of wrong information is not available, the user of the ASGL or commissioned by him with the settlement has Third replace the resulting additional costs.

The Verify membership will automatically terminate upon the expiration of this period.

The ASGL gives no right of withdrawal for the Verify membership.


By using this website you declare your agreement to the Terms of Use. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time, and you should therefore inform you regularly on this site for any changes. Additional terms will apply if you purchase your penguin through our website or by certain features or sweepstakes do use.

1. Children

Access to certain content offered on our website may not be suitable for children under a certain age. In some cases, ratings will be displayed to indicate that content or access are deprived of certain ages. Parents and guardians are encouraged to monitor their children's access to our website in general and the use of community areas in particular.

2. Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights are in all information and content available on our Webseites in the Gabler & Wollenburg GbR or our licensors. Much of the content is protected by copyright, trademark and other laws. Unless otherwise stated, the content may be copied only for your personal use. The content may not be modified, performed, published, transferred to anyone else or used for commercial purposes. With the exception of the scope permitted by law encryption protecting the content you must not disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or in any other way.

3. Availability

Our website is provided without warranty. The availability of the website can not be guaranteed. There may be affected by failures, maintenance or circumstances beyond our control may occur. The quality, functionality, availability or performance of our website or any content on the Website can not be guaranteed. We reserve the right to change the content of our site at any time, suspend or remove, suspend access or registration your account. You bear the responsibility for charges in connection with your ISP and any other fees associated with the use of our website.

You can not damage our website or manipulate or suspend access to our website or its contents or the contents of which interfere with or affect the functionality or access by third parties to our website or its content in any other way. The website or its contents may not be misappropriated or otherwise in a manner that may cause damage by Gabler & Wollenburg GbR, affiliated companies or any other persons.

4. community areas

Responsible for any text, video, audio, images, photographs or any other materials or content that You put on our web page, rests solely with you. Publish particular, any content that is violating the law or the rights of third parties injure, or contain discriminatory, defamatory, obscene or defamatory acts or utterances, or the other because of nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, faith or disability may offend. The community areas, and are not to be used for commercial purposes.

You grant us a perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free and fully transferable right to use, reproduce, modify, publish and display any of you on our website are available or uploaded content, as well as the right to integrate them into other works. With the publication of an article You waive any moral rights in this post.

We point out that we do not monitor all user-generated content on our website and are under no obligation. However, we reserve the right to edit such content without prior notice, to delete or remove any content that we deem inappropriate. In the community areas opinions expressed are those of members of the public and are not. By Gabler & Wollenburg GbR, our affiliated companies, licensors or partners Please if you believe that any content of this Acceptable Use Policy, fill out a protest form or send us an email to support@asgl.eu, stating the violation, the user name and the name of the area in question and the person concerned area.

5. Links to other websites

Third-party websites that are linked to our website are not reviewed nor approved by us, and we accept no responsibility for their content. The use of third party websites is subject to the terms and conditions.

6. Approval in Advertising and market research

You declare you agree that the data provided by you and the damage caused by usage data for targeted advertising to you by email as to the purpose of market research are stored and used.

7. Disclaimer

The Gabler & Wollenburg GbR is not liable for the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information contained on our sites. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the applicable Gabler & Wollenburg GbR, our affiliates and / or licensors exclude all liability for you or third parties directly or indirectly suffered loss or incidental or consequential damages, in whatever way, access to, or the use of a Web page or their unavailability arise, including any loss or corruption of data due to downloading content from our website, from.

These terms and conditions do not restrict you rights as a consumer. If any of the terms and conditions herein is declared unlawful, void or unenforceable, the enforceability and validity of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

8. Governing Law

It is only the law of the Federal Republic of Germany.
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